DWD. Driving while deer-watching, a common ailment effecting whitetail addicts.

This page is to help all experience levels of hunters achieve their goals. Some of us need more help then others. We hope you find this page to be helpful. And who knows, you might learn something you didn’t know. 

Just friends or friends with benefits?

Here is a simple chart to show you when the best time to use the different types of deer pee. Caution: Using Doe-in-estrous any other time except for the rut is not a good idea. Using it outside of the rut can cause does to fight, and other deer to not be comfortable in the area. So it is very important to know when the rut starts and ends in your state. 


The rut.
Even for that state up north. 

Here are a few states to help you predict better when the rut (Sweet November) should start and end in your state. Knowing this piece of information will make your hunt more successful. From when to use rattles, different types of calls, what type of lures (deer pee) to use and how the rut will change behavior and deer patterns (movements).

This chart should help your employer understand why you need this time off. 

Full Range Outdoor
with Larry May.

Larry shows us how to refresh a scrape. He puts in the off season time it takes to get results.

If you build a scrape
they will come.

...A few days later Larry gets results from using Denver’s Dominate Buck (Urine) and Denver’s Caterpillar.


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