Premium Doe Estrous (Available in October)

Premium Doe Estrous (Available in October)


You might be wondering what the difference is between Denver’s RED and Doe estrous. Denver’s RED is collected at the peak of a doe’s cycle when the estrous is at its hottest, which makes it more limited and a premium product.

Premium doe estrous should be used Pre-rut to full-rut (see chart on Tips and Tricks page.

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Denver’s will be taking preorders of Denver’s RED and Premium doe estrous this Friday the 29th. Preorders will be shipped as we harvest the product which will start the first week of October, and all orders will be fulfilled no later then the 19th of October. Shipping cost will still be based on a 1 to 3 day shipping cost but your order will not ship the day you place the order. So if the order ships on the 19th of October you may not receive the order til the 22nd of October. 

NOTE: This is a pre-order for RED and Premium Doe estrous if you place other products in this order they will be shipped with the RED and Premium Doe estrous. For paper work and to make sure we get orders out correctly and in a timely manor please place you order of other products separately.