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The sweet smell of success.

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Denver on hunting the monster, the ghost buck, the hawg, the mega-toad, the swamp donkey. 

A monster buck gets to be a monster for good reason. He adapts quickly and he has seen it all, which makes him very cautious. He tends to hold back or just simply goes nocturnal during times of pressure. Most monster bucks know every inch of their territory and if anything seems out of place, they’re gone. Making him comfortable and keeping him calm is key to a successful hunting season. That’s where Denver’s can play a role but its going to take some work on your part. So cover your ears, spouses. Hunting the monster buck doesn't start in November, it’s all year round

Denver’s doe and buck scents (non-estrous) are useful for calming a deer’s nerves and raising their curiosity level, since it simulates a new deer in the area. Using these scents year round can get deer coming to an area and staying in that area. The more does the more likely a monster will make himself seen.